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SPOT GPS Tracking - Field Testing

The map below will have active route tracking when the SPOT Gen3 GPS tracking and messaging is in progress.  Updates expire seven days following activity.  Testing of messages and tracking.

Current testing during storm chase events and back country activity.  Looking for issues and best methods for using in group setups.  The map here is setup as a group for two devices.  Best setup for tracking multiple groups requires capturing and plotting only last activity.  Discussion and testing with a severe weather vendor is ongoing.


SPOT GPS Tracking - Group Testing Pinnacles National Park

Weekend of March 20-22, 2015 we took a group of scouts and hiked the trails at Pinnacles National Park.  Our campsite provided a clear view of the ridge above where three Condors would fly in to roost for the night and in the morning stretch their wings and fly off for their day.  We broke into two groups on the hikes later in the day with the using two GPS SPOT trackers activated. They are setup in one group account with tracking on one map and messages configured each separately but results in the one map setup.









David McDevitt took this clear photo of the Condor flying directly overhead

The two devices will show up on this one common share page.

Here is an example of the two devices tracking the two different hiking groups. 

The blue is routing up through the caves to the lunch spot at the lake.  The second crew departed to climb the High Peaks Trail. 

The orange route is tracked as they progress.  Each Icon is interactive on the live map with details of the time and location details.




The hikers in group two traverse some of the higher routes on the high peaks trail.  The Pinnacles National Park makes a great adventure and hiking location.









In the screen snapshot below details can be brought up related to the status message sent.  The Message Detail is a pre-defined message that when depressed on the device will be sent out.

















SPOT GPS Tracking - Group Setup



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