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Significant Storms
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Significant Storm Events

Sipsey, Alabama was hit by a EF-4 Tornado on April 27, 2011.  In this view looking down the Vortex Hole the debris ball can be seen rising up 10,000 feet.  Sipsey AL Debris Ball in Vortex Hole




On Monday April 25, 2011 an EF-2 Tornado traveled 51 miles through Arkansas north of Little Rock.  This short video depicts the rotation in the base reflectivity hook area with the storm relative winds.  A leading edge rotation is present in this view. 


EF-2 Tornado with leading edge vortex

Manchester, South Dakota F4 Tornado from June 24, 2003 is shown below as the rotation was entering the city area.  This view is a blend of Base Reflectivity and Rotation.

The radar data is from Aberdeen, SD.  The video images are a blend of the radar products from different angles.  Manchester, South Dakota F4 Tornado






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