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Moore OK
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Moore, Oklahoma F5 Tornado

On Monday May 3, 1999 a F5 Tornado traveled through Oklahoma.  The processed radar images is from 23:51 UTC.  This image is the base reflectivity and the pink area at the base of the tornado is a debris ball.  The link below the image is a series of blended radar images first from the west and then from the northeast.  Notice the strong compression at the base of the tornado in the base velocity and storm relative velocity creating a venturi effect.

Radar Images blend video: Moore Oklahoma Radar Analysis

The image above includes the main tornado rotation along with a tornadic family or cluster of other cyclonic (blue) and anti-cyclonic rotations (green).

The above image is of the storm relative velocity.


Base Reflectivity view from the North East.  Notice the concave marks up the column structure from the strong rotation.

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