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Joplin MO
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On May 22, 2011 Joplin Missouri was hit by a destructive EF-5 Tornado. 

Video of the Joplin Tornado Radar Analysis blended with onsite photos taken on Thursday:

Joplin MO Tornado Radar and Photo Analysis

Immediately following the news brief on the Weather Channel on Sunday evening following the tornado impact on the town of Joplin, MO promptly  began processing the radar images of the storm and creating video sequences. The tornado made first ground contact at 5:34 PM and lifted at 6:12 PM as reported by the NWS Joplin Tornado Survey.  The image processed below is the tornado rotation overlaid on the base reflectivity view at 5:43 PM. 














In the above image the strong cyclonic rotation is seen as it sweeps through Joplin.  Two strong anti-cyclonic rotations are present, one south of the tornado and one northwest deep inside the hook area.  These large anti-cyclonic rotations add to the strong "Venturi Effect" possibly providing extra strength to the main tornado.

The image below is a dissect of the tornado with the over 3 mile high debris plume present.

The image below is a view of the Storms Relative Winds at 5:43 PM.  The radar is located in Springfield, MO and the red and pink colors depict winds moving away from the Doppler where the green and teal color are wind moving towards the Doppler Radar site.














On Thursday May 26th stopped off at had full page photo graphs made of the Joplin Tornado Radar Images and stopped off and left a binder with the National Weather Service in Springfield, MO.

Next headed to the point of interest east of Joplin where the strongest anti-cyclonic rotation was visible on the radar image.  Worked back from this location towards Joplin taking GPS location readings and photographs of damage seen to correlate.

Photos taken on Thursday May 26th of damage.

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