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2019 Season

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Tornado Visualization and Doppler Radar Analysis Project

Explorers Club Flag Expedition

May 04 - May 12, 2019

George Kourounis, Donald Dolan and Tom Dolan


Saturday May 4, 2019 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Hereford, Texas

We arrived in Oklahoma City and headed towards Amarillo for Saturday's forecasted severe weather. 

















We positioned just north of Adrian, Texas to observe a severe storm that had developed.  The storm became tornado warned at 7:22 PM.  We needed to pull back as our position was soon to be overrun by the approaching hail and rain. The picture below taken at 7:26 PM CDT has the storm where the rotation was located with the wind farm in the foreground.














The approaching rain and hail.  We pulled back south and then moved east on Interstate 40 to get back in front of the storm.  Within the storm was strong rotation and we encountered heavy rain and hail as we drove parallel just south of the tornado warned storm.  The storm quickly became rain wrapped where the strong rotation could be seen on radar.


The National Weather Service Storm report shows that a confirmed tornado was documented

















Positioned south of Vega, Texas as the storm moves south shown above.

















The Explorers Club Expedition Flag #114.  Donald Dolan, George Kourounis, and Tom Dolan.
















The sun is setting in the west with frequent lightning from the storm.


The map shows are initial position observing the storms as they developed then moving in below the storm at Adrian.  We moved back through through the storm and stayed in front of it as we worked south from Vega, Texas before ending the day in Hereford, Texas.







Travel Distance: 396 Miles

Sunday May 5, 2019 - Hereford, Texas to Pampa, Texas


Tornado warning received on our cell phones at 9:03 PM on the storm we were trailing.  Due to darkness we followed just behind the hail core and strong rain.


















The route south through Miami, Texas was blocked by the train that was stopped due to the active tornado warning.   We encountered a flooded underpass from the storm which also prevented access past the tracks.  Photo by George Kourounis.  The tornado warning moved further south and the train was able to depart clearing our route to proceed.


Travel Distance: 407 Miles

Monday May 6, 2019 - Pampa, Texas to Liberal, Kansas


Monday's plan is to work the southwest Kansas area for storm initiation.  The Storm Predication Center's issued a 5% probability that a tornado would within 25 miles of any point.



























We followed a storm that developed near Jetmore, Kansas at 6:41 PM CDT.  The image above is the Base Reflectivity left and Rotation on the right.  The Storm Predication Center had most of Kansas in a 5% probability for a tornado forecast.  After a while we worked our way back down to Liberal, Kansas.  At 9:43 PM CDT a brief tornado about 60 miles to the southeast.


Travel Distance: 408 Miles

Tuesday May 7, 2019 - Liberal, Kansas to Shamrock, Texas

Travel to the northern Texas Panhandle for the storm initiation.  We picked up some 1 3/4 hail and worked into position near the wall cloud that was passing near Sanford, Texas. 








































In the background is the wall cloud intercepted northeast of Lake Meredith, Texas with the Explorers Club Flag.   May 7, 2019 2:20 PM CDT northeast to Stanford, Texas.























The images above are the base reflectivity on the left which shows the classic hook and on the right the rotation with the blue representing the cyclonic circulation in the storm where the tornadoes would be below.  Two tornadoes were produced southeast of Spearman, Texas.  Doppler Radar image time is 3:37 PM CDT or 20:37 Z.














This storm produced an EF-0 Tornado at 3:36-3:39 and at 3:42-3:49 PM CDT as noted on the preliminary reports from the Amarillo National Weather Service.















Coming into view is the remnants of the tornado producing storm that had passed over Interstate 40.









We ended the day in Shamrock, Texas.

Travel Distance: 513 Miles

Wednesday May 8, 2019 - Shamrock, Texas to Fairview, Texas

Worked southeast to reposition for upcoming storms expected for Thursday in southeast Texas.  An early day Severe Thunderstorm Watch issued but not on our planned route.
















Travel Distance: 435 Miles

Thursday May 9, 2019 - Fairview, Texas to Wharton, Texas

Working to move south and west for later day storm initiation.  Likely severe storms with hail with a slight chance for tornadoes.













Storms became active throughout the area and we worked around them to see if we could get any better views.  Trees, rain, and low cloud cover restricted views of the storms.













We worked south of Hungerford, Texas.  The storms were topping over 50,000 feet as shown above.










Looking at the 3D view of the Base Reflectivity and the Rotation above on the storm just west of Hungerford.














The 8:14 PM CDT view of a blend of the Rotation and the Base Reflectivity images of the storm we were tracking.  Rotation stayed elevated on the storms.  Throughout the night storms continued to pass through being primary rain, hail, wind and localized flooding risk.















Taking a break from the storms and sharing severe storm stories are shown from left to right; Donald Dolan (US), Tom Dolan (US), Jade Vajna (Canada), George Kourounis (Canada), and Daniel Shaw (Australia).


Travel Distance: 275 Miles

Friday May 10, 2019 - Wharton, Texas to Buffalo, Texas

Initially heading towards the Gulf of Mexico to start the day.  Storms moved into Louisiana and Mississippi today with clearing skies in our area.   Low probality for any severe storms through the weekend in our research area.













Explorers Club Flag at the Gulf of Mexico.  Donald Dolan, George Kourounis, Jade Vajna, and Tom Dolan.


Travel Distance:  264 Miles

Saturday May 11, 2019 - Buffalo, Texas to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Travel back to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Travel Distance:  339 Miles

Total Travel Distance: 3037 Miles


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