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2011 Season
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April 29 - May 6, 2011

Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas

Randy Ryan and Tom Dolan


Friday April 29, 2011 - Oklahoma City to Ardmore, OK

Landed in Oklahoma City and headed to Southern Oklahoma in preparation for Saturdays storms. 

A slight risk area extended from Northeast Texas into Arkansas for the day 2 forecast form the SPC.  Saturday's plan is to head towards Texas south on Interstate 35 and then move East on Interstate 30 to Mount Vernon to stage at initially.







Saturday April 30, 2011 - Ardmore, OK to Atlanta, TX

We worked our way south of Mount Vernon, Texas towards the developing thunderstorms.  Other storms were developing back towards the Dallas area but we elected to stay with the isolated storm.










Randy at our staging area as we get ready to set off for our afternoon chase.











Working our way south ahead of a tornado warned storm below.   Plan is to move below the storm and track Northeast as it moves past our position.














We arrived to observe the wall cloud work towards us from the Southwest.





















































Wall cloud below cross the highway.


















Wall cloud continues to move by our position. 














We decided to move east towards Gilmer, Texas then we would head North to re-engage the storm.























We stopped just south of the thunderstorm and observed the structure of the storm between lightening flashes.

We videotaped the night chase from just North of Gilmer to within a mile of the tornado crossing the road.

Below is the view of the rotation within the storm located at the hook portion of the base reflectivity.  Spotters had witnessed a tornado just west of our location. 















Preparing to pull over as rotation track is approaching the highway from the west.  Visible in the video capture below is the wall cloud just beyond the tree line.

The video capture below illuminated by the lightening shows the wall cloud beyond the service station.

















Night Tornado Intercept Video link (coming soon)

The tornado up rooted trees on both sides of the highway.
























Picture of tree to the west of the highway that was uprooted by the tornado.















Sunday May 1, 2011 - Texas

Storm intercepts






























































Monday May 2, 2011 - Texas

Headed south and visited the Gulf observing strong storms coming on shore.  Could not reach Galveston so we headed north.



















































Tuesday May 3, 2011 - Texas 

Visited IMAX and watched Tornado Alley Movie











Wedensday May 4, 2011 - Texas to Kansas

Visited Greensburg on way to position for next day.



























Thursday May 5, 2011 - Kansas to Colorado

Nice sunsets after chasing non-producing storms






























Friday May 6, 2011 - Kansas to Oklahoma

Partly cloudy weather day.  Return.















May 24 - May 29, 2011

Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma

Tom Dolan


Tuesday May 24, 2011 - Colorado to Kansas

Landed at Denver Airport and setup car for chase.  Started towards Kansas to catch the storm front.

Wednesday May 25, 2011 - Kansas to Missouri

Tornadoes started early in the morning in Missouri and High risk area went east.  Headed south after several smaller storms were chased.

Thursday May 26, 2011 - Missouri to Oklahoma

Toured Joplin after stopping off at NWS in Springfield.  Studied Anti-cyclonic damage are and then worked towards Joplin.  Photographed damage from open roadways.

Friday May 27, 2011 - Oklahoma to Kansas

Staged for target area but no storms initiated.  Clear skies.

Saturday May 28, 2011 - Kansas to Colorado

Storms started late in the evening.  Lightning and hail.  Tornado far south of position in the night.

Sunday May 29, 2011 - Colorado






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